TheatreSpace … Beginning from Nothing

Simon Blakeman is a Fool. Simon Blakeman is also writing these words, I am/he is his own descriptor.

Sound familiar?

Fooling is a very difficult thing to define. If you look at where the word ‘define’ comes from, you’ll see that it literally means ‘to bring to an end’. By defining something, you are making it finite, and that is a very useful thing to be able to do.

The Fool, though, (as supported by her numerical position in the tarot) is the zero – the nothing through which everything is scene. Language begins to warp and weft, the woven weave of the wyrd…

instead of finite endings, we are granted glimpses in the glimmer of the eye…
thou Art in haven. The Fool is a shapeshifter… he is the part that is hard to look at directly, coming into the peripheral vision. He is front and centre.

The Fool has been represented in cultures across the world, in art, ceremony, and in medicine.

Trickster, clown, entertainer and outsider.

For Simon, he comes out in Play. It’s called Theatre of The Fool and takes place in a space. Simon has performed as Fool in theatres, pubs, cemeteries (with permission!), Masonic lodges (!), and more.

Simon says, “Curiosity and change are intrinsically embedded in the central nervous system of theatre craft. Without a desire to ask the question ‘What if…?’ and without the ability to make change happen, there is no Play.”

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